Full-time openings in animal advocacy research.

Pax Fauna is a research startup working to redesign the grassroots animal movement in the U.S. and we’re looking for new research fellows.

  • Design a new mass movement for animals based on research
  • Devour the literature and design hands-on experiments to solve thorny problems
  • Learn fast as you go – be challenged constantly – no special experience required
  • Work on a tight-knit team of experienced organizers devoted to our principles

Remote or in Boulder, CO – Starting early 2022 – Research stipend $31k per year

What does a full-time research position with Pax Fauna entail?

Working to end the use of animals for food in the U.S.

Pax Fauna conducts hands-on research to design an ultra-savvy new mass movement organization. We aim to transform the messaging, strategy, and organizing methods of the grassroots animal freedom movement.

We have the vibe of a small startup. We move fast, but make time for laughter and play. Work is highly self-directed and no one is "the boss."

A tight-knit team working side-by-side

Our work is always evolving, but basically consists of devouring the literature on a topic, identifying hypotheses or missing pieces, and working together to design experiments, all to uncover the most powerful ways the animal movement can operate. Remote partners travel to Boulder for quarterly retreats.

Our current team has a strong background in social movement organizing. We operate as a team with a single shared objective. Valuing teamwork and collective intelligence is a must, as is wanting to get to know your colleagues beyond a simple work relationship.

Be a leader for the next generation of animal advocacy

Pax Fauna’s long-term mission is the development of a new mass movement organization for animal freedom. Together, we are collecting best practices, uncovering new insights, and building our individual and collective capacity to lead a dramatic social transformation. While working together, we encourage each other to develop specific expertise in all the areas a social movement needs. Joining Pax Fauna could set you on the path to become a movement leader in any of these areas:

  • Messaging & media relations
  • Political strategy
  • Relational organizing & movement building
  • Organization governance & self-managing systems
  • Social movement culture
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Mass recruitment & grassroots fundraising

What does it take to thrive with Pax Fauna?

We’re looking for potential, not qualifications

There’s no particular degree or job experience you need to join our team. Success in Pax Fauna will depend on the following soft skills:

  • Self-directed, self-disciplined, love intellectual challenge, and able to learn fast as you go
  • Committed to Nonviolence, in social change and with colleagues; willing to study Nonviolent Communication and integrate Nonviolence into your day-to-day life
  • Dedicated to social movement work as a vocation (voluntary simplicity is required to get by on our modest research stipend)
  • Resonating with our principles
  • Live near Boulder, CO or be ready to travel for quarterly retreats (1-2 weeks long depending on what we all feel is needed)

Technical skill sets we could use

Applicants are not required to have any of the following skill sets, but if you do, they will be put to good use.

  • Web Development, especially: WordPress and PHP; LearnDash and BuddyBoss or similar plugins (LMS, complex social interactions); plugin development; and marketing automation
  • Data analysis & spreadsheet magic (even relatively basic stuff)
  • Digital/content marketing, especially email marketing
  • Video Production
  • Art & Design

If you don’t already have experience in any kind of grassroots organizing, you’ll be encouraged to get hands-on organizing experience while working with us.

Voluntary Simplicity

We provide ourselves a very modest living stipend pegged to MIT’s living wage calculator for Boulder, CO. ($31,384 per year in 2021.) That means it’s enough to comfortably get by with minimal luxuries. We’ve chosen this approach for several reasons:

  • Minimize the gap between “professional” advocates and “volunteers,” which makes mass movement organizing impossible
  • Decouple seniority from compensation (everyone is paid the same stipend) and reduce conflicts around money
  • Stay true to our grassroots origin and vision

We trade high salaries and career advancement for a chance to live a life of purpose transforming the world for animals.

You can read more about the structure of our research grants, and the application process, in our handbook.

Get in touch

Reach out and start the application process by emailing Aidan or using the contact form below. Attach a resume if you'd like, though it's not too important.


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