About Us

Pax = Peace, Fauna = Animal

We believe true peace includes all animals. Our partners have spent years organizing and innovating in the animal movement, and we created Pax Fauna to make the most of everything that we’ve learned.

Pax Fauna exists to create a kinder world for animals, human and otherwise, by accelerating the emergence of a highly intelligent, collaborative, Nonviolent grassroots mass movement ecosystem to abolish the animal slaughter industry in the United States. We aim to achieve this by conducting research and developing educational, informational, and material resources to enable local advocacy communities to seize the narrative about animal agriculture using controversial mass protest and scalable community organizing.

How We Show Up

Fiercely Compassionate

Nonviolence is in our blood and it is the first thing that governs everything we do, even before our mission.

Rigorously Humble

We share a holistic commitment to intellectual rigor which honors intuition and received wisdom alongside research, evidence, and logic, while embracing uncertainty.

Professionally Playful

We bring every part of ourselves to our work, including the emotional, professional, and spiritual.

Vocation vs. Occupation

We are individuals who share a calling. We eschew career- building and the notion that titles and salaries are a measure of a person’s worth.

Fail Fast

 We celebrate risks and failures of every kind, isolating assumptions and putting them to the test whenever possible.

Open Everything

We always put transparency and accessibility over security and competition. We seek collaboration by sharing everything we create and trusting that if our contribution is valuable, our needs will be met.

Power Positive

We bring power to the surface and celebrate it, believing that power held wisely—and transparently—by one is power for all.

Right to be Raggedy

When we fail to live up to these aspirations or when things blow up in our faces, we hold ourselves and each other with love and understanding.

Our Team

Eva Hamer


Aidan Kankyoku