Pax Fauna is looking for a part-time web developer for a no-code/low-code project in Bubble

Looking to use your web skills to help animals? We are looking for a passionate animal advocate to join our team as a freelancer to lead the development of a volunteer portal. You would work under the supervision of our mission lead and our current web developer and likely work in a no-code platform like Bubble, though this is negotiable. This is a high-impact role with the potential to modernize the grassroots animal rights movement.

The main project you'd be working on is a volunteer portal for pro-animal ballot measure campaigns. This portal is being developed in tandem with our pilot campaign with two measures to ban slaughterhouses and fur sales in Denver, CO. After the 2024 election, this strategy will be rolled out across the country, and the digital platform you help build will be a central part of it.

What we need:

  • Variable commitment of 5-20 hours per week (or more if you want to give it)
  • Work in a no-code builder like Bubble. Never used Bubble? That's OK, you'll learn it fast.
  • Willingness to learn supporting technologies that might be below your paygrade (e.g. Twilio, Active Campaign)
  • For a better sense of the project, here's an initial list of requirements

What we're hoping to find: A skilled developer willing to complement their regular work with low-bono animal advocacy work.

Compensation structure: we are thinking $5000 flat to get something up and running, or a negotiable hourly rate. Our full-time team is paid a flat salary equivalent to $21/hr and we are hoping to work in a similar spirit. Ideally, this is a midpoint between paid work and volunteering for animals. We would consider an hourly rate or a project rate. Or, most likely, an initial project rate followed by an hourly rate for maintenance.

To express interest in this role, please use our main contact form.

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