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Since getting their start as a community organizer with Direct Action Everywhere in Colorado in 2015, Aidan has been immersed in studying the craft of disruptive mass movements. Besides spending years organizing in the animal freedom movement, Aidan has gained a broad perspective on mass movement building through hands-on experience at the Standing Rock #NoDAPL protests in South Dakota, Extinction Rebellion in London, and elsewhere. They have spent the last three years seeking out new tools and methods for organizing, from better digital communication platforms to organizational governance systems like Holacracy, in order to lay the groundwork for Pax Fauna and a new mass movement for animal freedom.

Besides extensive experience as an organizer, Aidan’s perspective on movements is informed by several other threads. They see social movements as fundamentally spiritual phenomena, with a view rooted in Gandhian and Kingian Nonviolence as well as Nonviolent Communication. Aidan was certified as a Kingian Nonviolence teacher by Kazu Haga and regularly gives Nonviolence and NVC workshops to activist communities. Aidan has also received lay Buddhist ordination in a Rinzai Zen lineage committed to a broad view of social change work. Their training as a performing musician and composer also shapes their approach to organizing, helping them lean into the intuitive and ineffable qualities of social movements that can’t be captured in metrics.

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