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We are conducting hands-on research to improve the ways animal advocates organize, take action, and communicate with the public.

Reclaiming our Animal Emotions: Nonviolent Communication for Advocates

Who wears her heart on her sleeve? I recently volunteered at a high volume spay/neuter clinic in the Navajo Nation. Watching a large Shepherd mix walk to her crate to await surgery, I was struck by the unselfconsciousness of her emotional expression. She pulled on her leash and darted from side to side, with her […]

What We’re Up to in 2021 (Short Version)

Pax Fauna exists to create a kinder world for animals, human and otherwise, by accelerating the emergence of a highly intelligent, collaborative, Nonviolent grassroots mass movement ecosystem to abolish the animal slaughter industry in the United States. We aim to achieve this by conducting research and developing educational, informational, and material resources to enable local […]

Report: The Promise of Direct Democracy for Momentum-Driven Social Movements

For years, mass social movements have been organized around a crucial belief: that in a functioning democracy, if you can persuade 51% of the population to support a cause, you can affect needed policy change through the democratic process. (This is related to what is called the popular theory of power: that power in a […]

Meet Our Team: Aidan

This essay is part of a series where the partners of Pax Fauna introduce themselves to the world! Each partner will share about their journey in the animal movement, their philosophy, and why they are creating Pax Fauna. As I see it, the roots of Pax Fauna date back to 2015, the year our three […]

The Two Competing Strategies Behind Every Protest

There are two fundamentally divergent theories of change behind direct action campaigns. They should never mix. What Do We Want?! Nothing is more closely associated with social movements than the image of a protest. Even for community organizers like me who know that protests are just the tip of the iceberg, the term social movement […]

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