Pax Fauna is organizing to stop Line 3

The decade-long fight to stop the new Line 3 tar sands pipeline from carrying billions of barrels of ultra-dirty Canadian tar sands oil through Lake Superior and the Mississippi watershed has reached a boiling point. Movement leaders in Minnesota have put out a call for supporters to converge on the state, where the final sections of the pipeline are currently being put in the ground. Pax Fauna is organizing a trip to the frontlines to answer their call. We are asking for your help to raise at least $4000 to enable health workers, builders, and others with badly needed skills who would not otherwise be able to afford the trip, and to provide resources to the growing occupation camps. All funds raised over the goal will go directly to securing resources requested by camp leaders. If you are interested in joining us in Minnesota, contact us right away.

Why Line 3?

The stakes of the fight against Line 3 are complex and extraordinarily high: climate destruction, crippling water pollution, habitat decimation, indigenous sovereignty, and unchecked corporate power are just a few of the issues at play. You can learn much more at The issues most important to us are:

Canadian tar sands oil is the dirtiest energy source known on Earth. Since 2013, climate scientists have described full exploitation of this massive oil deposit as “game over for the climate,” stating that if this pipeline is allowed to transport oil to market, “the climate problem becomes unsolvable.” Enbridge has set a goal of completing the pipeline within the next 6 months. This leaves a 6-month window for preserving whatever chance we have left to avert mass extinction.

Enbridge’s own record shows that a majority of even their modern pipelines have a major spill within the first decade. This is terrifying considering the path of Line 3: it essentially runs along the Mississippi river corridor, crossing over 200 waterways which help form the river’s vast watershed, including Lake Superior. A spill at any of these crossings would mean a complete fouling of America’s most important agricultural water supply, the source of drinking water for 10s of millions of humans and trillions of other animals. One quart of oil can foul 250,000 gallons of fresh water; Line 3 seeks to carry millions of gallons per day.


The last remaining sections of the pipeline cross through the unceded treaty territory of the Anishinaabe nation. Enbridge has taken eminent domain over many of these lands, overriding the sovereignty of Anishinaabe bands over their own land. The pipeline will destroy wetlands where first nations have harvested wild rice for thousands of years, eviscerating what still remains of a sustainable, carbon-free food system that should be providing a model for the world. 


How does Line 3 relate to Pax Fauna's mission?

Line 3 is a matter of life and death for countless billions of animals. An inevitable spill of tar sands oil into the Mississippi watershed would wreak unimaginable and nearly irreversible devastation on millions of square miles of habitat. The carbon impact of Line 3 is more than enough to propel us past climate tipping points that will guarantee global catastrophe. Between wildfires and starvation, climate change is on pace to eclipse agriculture as the main way humans kill animals, if it hasn’t already.

Pax Fauna’s mission is conducting research and education to improve the methods of social movements, particularly those working on behalf of animals. We are getting involved in the Line 3 struggle in order to observe the strategies and tactics of the local movement, and to test methods of our own. We are working hard to ensure we offer a valuable contribution in exchange for this learning.

How will the funds be used?

The Anishinaabe organizers leading the movement in Minnesota have made very clear that the main thing they need now is bodies. Our efforts are focused on getting as many people to the camps for as long as possible. We are organizing a first trip from multiple states from March 21-31, and are currently setting dates for subsequent trips. If you are interested in joining a trip, contact us right away. 

Donations made on this page will be used exclusively for the following:

  • Group camping equipment including camping yurts and wood stoves to survive the extreme winter conditions in northern Minnesota. Group equipment and infrastructure will either be offered as a gift to the camp when we depart, or used for return trips in the near future.
  • Construction supplies such as lumber for semi-permanent infrastructure to enable the camps to host much larger numbers of water protectors going into the summer.
  • Legal support for people arrested in the course of Nonviolent demonstrations against the pipeline.
  • Securing and donating resources requested by camp leaders.

What contributions are needed other than money?

If you are in Colorado and have any supplies to donate to the camps, especially any listed here, we will gladly transport them to Minnesota. We would also borrow or accept donations of the following to support our trip:

  • Wood-burning camping/tent stove for heat
  • Camping yurt/tent compatible with a wood stove
  • Propane camp stove for cooking
  • 0º or colder sleeping bags
  • Lumber (we will be building semi-permanent structures for further occupation of the camps)
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