CLOSED: Social Media & Digital Strategist for Pro-Animal Ballot Initiatives

THIS JOB POST IS CLOSED. We are leaving the page up to illustrate a typical role at Pax Fauna.


  • Create and execute a social media strategy and digital fundraising program for a new grassroots animal advocacy organization.
  • Write effective marketing copy and dominate search results for keywords related to our campaigns.
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of experienced organizers developing a new strategy for grassroots animal advocacy.

Applications are processed on a rolling basis, and the first step is easy, so don’t wait to apply. Generally speaking, no specific credentials or experience are required for roles at Pax Fauna. If you feel you have the right strengths to learn on the job and master this role, please apply.

Remote or in Denver, CO: being located in the Denver metro area or being willing to relocate there is a plus. We will discuss with each candidate the feasibility of filling this role remotely. Salary $43,000 per year (flat rate for all team members pegged to MIT living wage calculator) plus healthcare and retirement contributions worth >$6,000 per year.

Our dream candidate is someone who has experience building a following on social media and may even be willing to convert existing social media pages they have built to focus on Pro-Animal Future’s strategy. We are interested in exploring the possibility that the strongest social media followings are built around individuals rather than organizations, and developing one or more personal spokespeople on social media rather than investing in company pages.

However, we are also very keen to receive applications from candidates with skills or experience in other forms of digital marketing. If you have digital marketing experience that isn’t primarily through social media, please apply!

Work at Pax Fauna is highly self-directed. Self-starters with a track record of initiating projects might succeed here.

Context: We are currently supporting a pilot campaign in Denver, CO, which will last through 2024. After that, we will be launching similar campaigns across the country. You will be responsible for building a social media operation commensurate with our nationwide ambitions.

Social Media & Digital Strategist:

Purpose: A strategic presence on social media and other digital channels successfully recruiting activists, raising funds, and persuading swing voters to vote pro-animal.

You’ll be assessed on how much of each of the following comes through our social media and other digital channels:

  • Recruitment: drawing new activists into our campaigns.
  • Fundraising: building a base of grassroots donors.
  • Voter Persuasion: reaching large numbers of swing voters with persuasive content.

You will have a high degree of autonomy to develop and execute a strategy to meet these objectives, with hands-on support from a tight-knit team and significant access to mentors from ally organizations. 

Possible Activities:

  • Building up an engaged following on individual and/or organizational social media accounts by:
    • Creating a strategy
    • Setting and regularly updating goals
    • Creating professional-quality content
    • Engaging members of our activist community to create content
  • Search Engine Optimization: identifying key search terms related to our campaigns and creating digital content to ensure we dominate those terms when voters are researching our initiatives.
  • Working with other team members to write copy for:
    • Op-eds
    • Webpages
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Voter education print assets
    • Press releases
    • Social media posts
  • Creating guidelines others can use to create brand- and strategy-aligned content.

Key skills:

  • Writing in a variety of styles appropriate to digital marketing copy
  • Fluency with different social platforms, and with memes
  • Simple graphic design (e.g. using Canva)
  • Confident, authoritative presence speaking in front of a camera (e.g. for social media videos or media interviews)
  • Experimenting, monitoring results, and adapting strategies accordingly
  • Quickly picking up new skills

We strongly encourage applications from women and people of color if you aren’t quite sure whether you’d meet everything we’re looking for. The first step is easy, and applications are processed on a rolling basis, so apply now!

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Pax Fauna Partners Have Two Key Roles: Researcher And Organizer.

We are designing a new kind of grassroots campaign based on research. Our work is a combination of research and implementation.

What does a full-time position with Pax Fauna entail?

Working to end factory farming in the U.S.

Pax Fauna aims to transform the messaging, strategy, and organizing methods of the grassroots animal freedom movement based on primary and secondary research.

We have the vibe of a small startup. We move fast, but make time for laughter and play. Work is highly self-directed within clearly defined roles and expectations. Weekly 1:1s with a member of our leadership team ensure you have the support and clarity you need to thrive.

We recognize the value of diverse perspectives and experiences. While our current team lacks diversity of racial and ethnic backgrounds, we are genuinely committed to broadening our horizons and enriching our work environment. We are striving to create an inclusive workplace where all voices are heard and respected, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or background. 


Working shoulder-to-shoulder on a team

Pax Fauna was bor as a research organization, and we approach everything we do as an experiment. Notice gaps in our strategy, seek out literature on the topic, and work together to design experiments to overcome novel challenges and uncover the most powerful ways the animal movement can operate.

Our current team has a strong background in social movement organizing with a complement of quantitative and qualitative research. We operate as a team with a single shared objective. Valuing teamwork and collective intelligence is a must, as is getting to know your colleagues beyond a simple work relationship. (Collective intelligence looks like you submitting a piece of work and responding gracefully as your teammates chop it up and recompose it as something new.)

Expect a hybrid of remote work with substantial fieldwork in Denver. For this role, if you are not located in Denver, several visits will be necessary (travel expenses will be covered). Our team gathers in person 2-4 times per year for strategy retreats. Outside of retreats, you’ll be expected to follow a reasonably predictable 35-40 hour schedule.


Be a leader for the next generation of animal advocacy

Pax Fauna’s mission is the development of a new mass movement organization for animal freedom. Together, we are collecting best practices, uncovering new insights, and building our individual and collective capacity to lead a dramatic social transformation. While working together, we encourage each other to develop specific expertise in all the areas a social movement needs. 

You take responsibility for an outcome, and you are expected to deliver exceptional work. You can always ask for help and are expected to seek out feedback, but ultimately, you have a great deal of leeway in determining how to get your projects done.

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What does it take to thrive with Pax Fauna?

We’re looking for potential, not qualifications

There’s no particular degree or job experience you need to join our team. Success in Pax Fauna will depend on the following attributes:

  • Self-directed, self-disciplined, love intellectual challenge, and able to learn fast as you go

  • Skilled with analytical thinking and complex problem solving

  • Committed to Nonviolence, in social change and with colleagues; willing to study Nonviolent Communication and integrate Nonviolence into your day-to-day life

  • Dedicated to social movement work as a vocation (we celebrate voluntary simplicity)

  • Resonating with our principles

  • Be ready to travel for in-person retreats and key phases of the campaign. (3-5 times per year, 1-2 weeks long depending on what we all feel is needed)

For this role, experience with social media or digital marketing will get our attention!

Technical skill sets we could use

Applicants are not required to have any of the following skill sets, but if you do, they will be put to good use.

  • Photography & Videography

  • Digital/content marketing, especially email marketing

  • Video Production

  • Art & Design

If you don’t already have experience in any kind of grassroots organizing, you’ll be encouraged to get hands-on organizing experience while working with us.

Voluntary Simplicity

Pax Fauna’s team members provide ourselves with a living wage pegged to MIT’s living wage calculator for Boulder, CO. ($42,850 per year in 2023.) That means it’s enough to comfortably get by with small luxuries. We’ve chosen this approach for several reasons:

  • Minimize the gap between “professional” advocates and “volunteers,” which makes mass movement organizing impossible

  • Decouple seniority from compensation (everyone is paid the same stipend) and reduce conflicts around money

  • Stay true to our grassroots origin and vision

Expect a 35-40 hour work week with organizational support for firm work-life boundaries in your schedule, including 4 weeks vacation per year.

You can read more about our compensation structure, and the application process, in our handbook.

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Working with Pax Fauna provides:

  • Purposeful work transforming the world for animals

  • A living wage

  • Rich, diverse experience leading projects and building skills in a start-up environment

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