The Animal Movement Needs a Course Correction

At Pax Fauna, we are conducting hands-on research to improve the ways animal advocates organize, take action, and communicate with the public.

Our Mission

Building a New Animal Freedom Movement

Pax Fauna exists to bring about a Nonviolent grassroots mass movement to end animal agriculture. With cutting-edge research, we can make the movement smarter, louder, and more collaborative than ever.


New Messaging

We’re combining modern best practices in political narrative with our own focus groups and testing to develop a new, more persuasive story about animal freedom.


New Strategies

The time is ripe for a disruptive mass movement to seize the narrative about animal agriculture. We’re expanding the movement’s capacity for creative protest, canvassing, and guerrilla marketing.


New Ways of Organizing

We’re bringing community organizing for animals into the 21st century with everything from new digital tools to Nonviolent Communication.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Approach is Different

Our Partners

Eva Hamer


Aidan Kankyoku


Join Our Team

We’re looking for skilled volunteers to take on key roles.

Research Blog

Meet Our Team: Aidan

This essay is part of a series where the partners of Pax Fauna introduce themselves to the world! Each partner will share about their journey

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